(Study of Failure in Hydraulic Systems (Case study of machinery used in local صورة كتاب

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(Study of Failure in Hydraulic Systems (Case study of machinery used in local


ركن الهندسة الميكانيكية - Mechanical Engineering

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This project describes different case studies of hydraulic failure in gold mining machines, the research was conducted to know and understand the components, construction, location, function, circuit diagram and the case studies of different failures in the hydraulic systems.
The case study includes all mobile machines that are used in the gold mining site which they have different types, sizes and applications. Hydraulic system consists of a prime mover engine or electrical motor to help in driving the hydraulic pump which draws the hydraulic oil from the reservoir via filter in the suction line and delivers it to the direction control valve via relief valve in the delivery line. Work is done smoothly by converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and then back to mechanical energy which is used to move the hydraulic cylinder linearly or rotate the hydraulic motor. Most problems of hydraulic failure in gold mining machines on field site are caused by either contamination or climate condition (temperature). Also usage of old and outdated of machines and lack of maintenance are other factors affecting the machines performance. These problems lead to increase the down time and decrease the productivity.

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