A review for Dynamic Scheduling in Manufacturingصورة كتاب

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A review for Dynamic Scheduling in Manufacturing


ركن الهندسة الميكانيكية - Mechanical Engineering

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This paper discusses review of literature of dynamic scheduling in manufacturing. First, the problem is defined. The scheduling problems are classified based on the nature of the shop configuration into five classes, i.e., single machine, parallel machines, flow shop, job shop, and open shop. A variety of approaches have been developed to solve the problem of dynamic scheduling. Dynamic scheduling could be classified into four categories, completely reactive scheduling, predictive-reactive scheduling, robust predictive-reactive scheduling, and robust pro-active scheduling. It is better to combine together different techniques such as operational research and artificial intelligence to overcome dynamic scheduling problems so as to endow the scheduling system with the required flexibility and robustness, and to suggest various orientations for further work is this area of research.
Keywords— dynamic scheduling, Rescheduling, Real-time events, Operational research, Artificial intelligence.

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2018-10-205:22 PM

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